Rick Barnhart, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Finding & Developing Future Leaders For Your Business

At one time or another, all of us have needed to hire a manager or assistant manager for our store. Maybe it is for a new store or to replace a lost manager or business is so good that we just need more help. We want to hire the best person we can, someone who

7 Ways to Attack a Competitor’s Strengths

The mighty can be beat, but the best point of attack is where they are strongest!

Tire Labeling ABCs

The new national tire fuel efficiency consumer information program for replacement tires – which includes a new tire labeling system – is looming. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for the change.

The Data Driven Dealer

In order to be successful as tire and auto service businesses, we need to better understand what is happening in our market and with our customers. Only then can we decide the actions needed to get ahead of these changes and remain successful.

The Truth & Lies Behind Fill Rates

Why are fill rates so low, what is being done about it and what can tire dealers do to help themselves through the challenges posed by low fill rates?

The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had

Top tire dealers share that one brilliant idea that shaped their success.

Your Business’ Spokesperson: Putting Your Face and Voice to Your Brand

Anyone who has been around our industry more than just a few years has seen how dramatically customer interaction has changed. Tire specifications, features, ratings, prices – they’re available at everyone’s fingertips. People can literally buy tires and have them installed without leaving their house. A few years ago I saw a customer use his