Larry Bailly, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Subaru Service Essentials

Building a planned process for servicing a customer’s vehicle is something to consider. You can start the service sales process by becoming informed on what you can do that will not affect a customer’s factory warranty, then determine the minimum necessary to maintain the warranty so you can service the customer from day one.

Stability control and Brake Jobs

Automotive technology continues to evolve in several directions. While many manufacturers are concentrating on electric and hybrid technology, higher mileage, and smaller and lighter vehicles, others are focused on performance, horsepower and ever-higher top speeds.

Subaru Service Essentials

In this age of extended service intervals and exaggerated claims of longevity with little maintenance, selling service at a fair price is becoming more difficult. To help boost service sales, consider building a planned process for servicing your customers’ vehicles.

How to Perform BMW Ride Control Upgrades

When most people think about lowering springs and other modifications, they think of Asian imports shaking the fillings out of a young driver. You almost never think of a BMW 7 Series. While you may never see a 740 in your shop, much less a driver who would modify the suspension, the procedures and precautions