John Rogers, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Going Live: Use the Virtual World to Drive Traffic to Your Real Business

If you aren’t doing it already or want to do it better, here’s how smart tire dealers can leverage the Internet. But, first, a preface. The number of new Internet users has slowed, while the number of disconnected Americans – those who have never used the Internet and do not have Internet connections – has

What Kind of Boss Are You?

Take an honest, good look at yourself, and answer this question: “What kind of boss am I?” Also, ask yourself: “How can I be a better boss?” Your success will depend certainly on whether or not you are tough or kind, managing or responsive, and all the other things that go into being a good

How Much is Your Business Worth?: A Solid Valuation is Important to Growth Potential and Your Exit Plan

Can you answer that question? Perhaps not, but I’ll bet you know how much money is in your wallet. That’s because you wouldn’t dream of managing your day-to-day financials without knowing how much cash you have on hand. And, the same is true for running your business. You can’t possibly operate a business worth hundreds

Buy Vs. Lease: Should You Buy Your Store Building and Land? Or, Should you Lease Your Store’s Quarters?

The buy/lease quandary is an old one; it’s been around since the first retail store opened. It’s a big decision for any business of any size because both buying and leasing have distinct, lasting impacts on how you operate – and even how successful you will be. It is also a question you should ask

Brain Drain: Businesses in Pursuit of Educated Employees Still Empty-Handed

Skilled workers will be harder to find next year. Problem is education. Some college or advanced training is needed for about 85% of new jobs, but only 60% of Americans get that far. Businesses need two million more scientists and engineers by 2012, and that will not be met. Why They Stay Workers were asked

Surviving the Big, Bad B: Confronting Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy looms in your future. If not for you, personally, then for one of your customers, employees or vendors. Chances are good at least one of you will end up in bankruptcy court. Nobody wants to think about bankruptcy. That’s understandable. However, now is the time to give it some serious attention. In April, the

Disaster!: How to Survive When One of Four Businesses Perish

In the movie Forrest Gump, the lead character steps to the curb, scrapes stuff off the bottom of his shoe and says, “(Bleep) Happens!” What would Forrest say about a business that just stepped in it – or was just stepped on? “Disaster Happens!” You can’t prevent disaster, but you can survive it. What will

Complete Hiring/Firing Guide

What are the three most important factors in retailing success? Location, location, location? Nope – they are staff, staff, staff. Personnel experts contend that poor hiring decisions are the main causes of absenteeism and poor productivity, which ultimately result in employee turnover and profit loss. The smaller your business, the more important each person. Just

Staying Out of the Courtroom: Is Being Sued Inevitable? Maybe. Here’s What You Should Know If the Gavel Drops

“See You in Court.” Today, that’s just a fancy way of saying, “Goodbye.” Unfortunately, that’s often the harsh truth when your employees, your customers or government agencies utter that short but terrifying sentence. So, how can you stay out of court? And, how do you keep from panicking if and when someone says those ominous

Entrepreneur: Do You Have What it Takes?

Webster: Entrepreneur – one who organizes, manages, assumes risks of a business or enterprise Confucius: Only man with happy face should open shop. Want a job evaluation of you as an entrepreneur? You are your most important employee, after all, but chances are you’ve never done a self-analysis – at least as thorough as what

Roadmap to Success: Business Plans that Work

Building a Business Plan is Critical to Reaching Your Goals Some business plans start as odd scribbles on the back of a napkin, circles and arrows and boxes and code words jotted furiously by a suddenly inspired entrepreneur. Others are highly detailed, a thorough point-by-point plan carefully reasoned and annotated after weeks, months or even

Tire Dealer Inc.: Which is the Best Way to Form Your Business?

There are six ways to form your business. Which is the right one for you? Thought about incorporating your tire business, have you? The monetary cost to do so isn’t great ®ƒ say $500 or less, according to the many professionals who would help you with this step. But it’s a major step and you