Jimmy Smith, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Advergaming: The Future of High Performance Advertising?

High performance tire and wheel companies certainly know a thing or two about how to reach consumers. Specialty enthusiast magazines are stuffed with ads from these companies, and most have highly interactive Web sites – all designed to reach that red-hot 18-25-year-old market. But a new and highly popular form of brand and product promotion

Know Your Limits

Once again, this fine publication is giving me an opportunity to write an article. For those who aren’t familiar with me, I’m Jimmy Smith, son of the editor of this magazine. You might remember the column I wrote for Tire Review a couple of years ago about driver’s education.

In The Driver’s Ed Seat

Hi. My name is Jimmy, and I’m filling in for Dad this month.He asked me to write his column for him, so this becomes my Father’s Day gift – apparently he didn’t think a card was enough. With all the work he tells me he does, and the baseball coaching and stuff around the house,