Jeff Vasichek, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Tracking Farm, Weather Trends to Meet Customer Needs

continue to be shortages of certain sizes and types of tires. This will undoubtedly cause irritation to the tire dealer who is servicing the customer. Hopefully, this is a short-term problem. It is important that tire dealers know their market and carefully plan their needs for the season. Many tire manufacturers offer special order programs

Growing, Shifting Ag Market Calls for New Tire Trends

Last year was an important one for agriculture. Almost all areas of the market were up considerably, with many tire dealers and tire manufacturers seeing a re­cord year in sales and profits. I have been around agriculture all my life and last year was one not seen since the heydays of the 1970s. There were

Put in Extra Effort to Servicing the Farm Tire Market

When I was a tire manufacturer representative in the 1990s, I was talking to a dealer who for 20 minutes told me how he hated selling to farmers. The farmers complained too much about the price of tires, he said, they didn’t want to pay for service, they paid late, they wanted 24-hour field service