Tire Review is the industry’s most trusted resource for detailed information about independent tire operations, the tires bought, sold and recommended by these dealers and how these dealers compare to others based upon various data points. This investment in research and analysis is why independent tire dealers turn to Tire Review to gain valuable insights into business operations, financial reporting and brand preference information.

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Consumer Profile: Interviews with recent tire and service buyers, with the results distilled into detailed national and metro market reports measuring buyer actions, thought processes and loyalty.
Tire Market Profile: Combining real-world data from a range of resources with results from Tire Review’s annual Tire Dealer Profile, and our editors’ best estimates on marketshares, this section will help you gain a better perspective of our industry, help you see emerging trends, and prepare your business for the road ahead.
Tires Study: The Tires Study captures live transactional data from retail and commercial tire dealers, including the top selling brands in each category, as well as average over-the-counter prices for everything from standard passenger radials all the way to agricultural tires.
Tire Brand Study: Tire dealers rate the performance of the tire brands – consumer and medium truck – they regularly carry and sell.
  Benchmarking: A comprehensive, objective look into the inner workings of a modern tire business. Tire Review’s Tire Industry Benchmarking Study and Platinum Performer Awards provided quantitative data for tire dealerships to measure themselves against.