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Still a Long Road Ahead for Troubled TiremakerDespite posting the worst losses in the company’s 105-year history, things began to look up for the financially troubled Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. during a hectic early spring.

Half a World Away

Like his American counterparts, Tire Town Komaoka store manager Yuji Asuke puts in long hours – 12 to 14 Monday through Saturday. But unlike many one-store American dealers, Asuke pulls in $1.3 million in annual sales with just himself and two other full-time employees.

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‘A Transformational year’

Clear for Takeoff: Despite Uncertainties, Private Brands Continue March On With Confidence

The private brand tire market has had to fight through a lot in the past year. First, there was the ongoing recession. Then a belief that private brands would get left behind in favor of major brands popped up. And there was one month when everything came to a standstill. Then, of course, there was

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Tire Kingdom Expands Reach With Mueller Buy

Going Single in a Dual World

Going Single in a Dual World By now you have likely heard about the new single wide-base tires – super wides, as we call them – being offered for line haul applications by several of the major truck tire manufacturers. Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone and Continental all have their versions, and all are in various states

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Responding to TerrorIndustry Quick With Assistance, Donations

Mere Coincidences?

You don’t have to be deaf, dumb, blind or even nasally challenged to know there’s something really smelly about the Ford Explorer. Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. (BFS) has taken the brunt of the negative publicity, and suffered significant financial and perception damage, because of concerns that a "high" number of its tires failed on one particular vehicle.

Git Yer Red Hots Here!

When it all went down, the media called Bridgestone/Firestone’s split from Ford a "bitter divorce," comparing it to the Charles-Diana split. That little Brit spat was nothing. Not when you’re watching these companies go at it like two jealous cheerleaders slap-fighting in the school hallway. Lost in all the moaning about the end of a

Newest Kid in Town: Michelin/TCI Launches National Dealer/Distribution Program

Michelin/TCI Launches National Dealer/Distribution Program