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Zeetex Releases New All-Season Tire

Zeetex has announced the ZT4000 4S, their newest all-terrain tire designed to handle harsh winter weather.



Zeetex has announced the release of the ZT4000 4S all-season tire. The ZT4000 is designed to perform well even in the harshest conditions.

The tire design features:

  • Unidirectional tread with wide grooves to ensure rapid water evacuation and to help overcome hydroplaning;
  • Large curved tread blocks on outer shoulders to ensure better cornering;
  • A wide footprint for better mileage and lower rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern is specially engineered with all-weather compounds to help ensure outstanding performance and safety year-round. The tire has also been tested in subzero temperatures (down to -7 degrees C) and is designed for strong performance in severe winter conditions.

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