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Yokohama Tires OE on Mercedes GLA 35, 45 Compact SUV

The cars are being equipped with either 19-in. 235/50ZR19 99Y tires or 21-in. 255/35ZR21 98Y Advan Sport V107 tires.


The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. is supplying its “Advan Sport V107″ tires to Mercedes-AMG for use as original equipment on the automaker’s new GLA 35 4MATIC, GLA 45 4MATIC+ and GLA 45 S 4MATIC+ models.

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The cars are being equipped with either 19-inch 235/50ZR19 99Y tires or 21-inch 255/35ZR21 98Y tires.

The “Advan Sport V107” is a high-performance tire developed by Yokohama Rubber primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles. The company says these tires contribute to the driving performance demanded by owners of premium cars, while balancing that performance with high levels of comfort and safety.

The new tires were jointly developed with Mercedes-AMG and bear the automaker’s “MO1” mark of approval on the tire sidewall.

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