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Yokohama Introduces UHP All-Season To Advan Line


Advan Sport A/SYokohama Tire Corp. is introducing a new product to its ultra-high performance Advan line: the Advan Sport A/S. The all-season, ultra high-performance tire goes on sale July 1 in the U.S. in 28 sizes. Seven more sizes will be available later in the year, said the company.


“The Advan Sport A/S is all about dynamic all-season performance,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama director, marketing and product planning. “We engineered the tire with sport and luxury car drivers in mind, who demand great performance all year round. Now they have it with the Sport A/S.”

The Sport A/S is available in 17-in. to 20-in. sizes and is applicable for performance vehicles from automakers such as Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti and Porsche, said the tiremaker.

“Drivers can expect exceptional handling and traction in all weather conditions – dry, rain and light snow – as well as superior ride comfort for a smooth, quiet drive,” added Briggs.


The Sport A/S is the first ultra high-performance tire in the Advan line-up with a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty on W- and Y-speed rated models.

Yokohama highlighted the following features of the ADVAN Sport A/S:

  • An advanced compound that enables all-season handling with exceptional wear resistance. Advanced polymers keep the tread pliable in cold temperatures, while extra silica provides superior wet and winter grip.
  • Wet and snow traction is enhanced by three straight grooves that evacuate water from the tread and a serpentine groove that provides a strong snow-shearing force.
  • Wavy sipes offer extra wet handling and z-grooves add more snow traction.
  • Dry performance is improved by extra-large outside shoulder blocks (for better cornering) and two-in-one large blocks that maximize stiffness for increased lateral stability.
  • An optimized contact patch contributes to better mileage by equalizing pressure distribution where the tread contacts the road for long, even wear.
  • Exceptional comfort and a quiet ride is achieved by extending the sidewall reinforcement higher up to deliver enhanced handling, and the four-pitch tread variation reduces pattern noise.

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