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‘Intelligent’ Theme for Marangoni Marketing

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) The latest marketing campaign for Marangoni tyres rivals those of front line manufacturers, says Group Tyre (UK), distributor of the brand.


A series of teaser adverts have appeared under the headline “Are You Intelligent?” featuring stereotypically intelligent professionals such as a lawyer, doctor, astronaut, inventor and scientist. These teasers appear as a tease and reveal combo, with the final line: “The Intelligent Tyre Retailer” who recommends Marangoni, because of the tyre’s performance.


Marangoni’s Derek Carruthers is delighted with the campaign, saying that it “repositions the brand using a premium brand tone and similarly raises the profile of the tyre outlet and its staff.” He went on to say that the campaign makes a change from the totally product-orientated imagery of ‘tyres on cars’ that is common in the industry.

“We are creating a distinct and recognisable brand personality, which should create considerable brand recognition with both trade and consumers.”

Group Tyre’s Karl Naylor adds: “The key role that the tyre trade plays in building not only customer awareness and assurance, but also ultimate sales, is often overlooked.”


The ‘Intelligent’ theme is carried through to the Marangoni Lifetime Warranty – funded 100% by the Italian company – which covers irreparable damage caused as a result of normal road use, including nails, broken bottles and kerb damage.

Says Carruthers: “We see this as a strategic tool in the development of the brand in the U.K. market. It has been phenomenally successful throughout Europe, where it recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and has been fundamental in building customer confidence. Although redemption of the warranty against damaged tyres is actually quite low, customers view this as a no-cost insurance policy.”


The strength of the Marangoni warranty is its no-quibble approach, which is decidedly customer-friendly and simple to understand.

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