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Wilson County Tire and retreading expansion

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Wilson County Tire & Retreading Expands to Meet Demand

Wilson County Tire & Retreading, a Marangoni Tread North America dealer, has added more than 10,000 square feet to its facility to meet demand.


Wilson County Tire and retreading expansion


Wilson County Tire & Retreading, a Marangoni Tread North America dealer, has finished a major expansion, according to the Tire Retread & Information Bureau.

The business, based in Middle Tennessee, added 10,800-sq.-ft. to their facility due to its rapid growth, Marangoni said. The company began operating in the spring of 2014 and uses an advanced Marangoni pre-cured retread system called the Ringtread (the “Splice-Less Retread”) system.

Their rapid growth and the 10,800-sq.-ft. addition to their facility is a consequence of their unwavering commitment to those needs and as a result, a long term expansion goal was realized early.

“We are pleased and excited about our expansion as this will allow us the opportunity to continue to offer the highest quality remanufactured commercial tires in the market,” said Rick Majewski, the company’s vice president of operations. “Our success has always been and will continue to be a result of our deep-seated sense of attention to detail, high-quality products and services and our associate’s customer first attitude. We are so thankful and appreciative to all of our customers for our continued growth and we look forward to meeting their quality and service expectations long into the future.”


With the newly expanded 38,000-sq.-ft. facility, customers have access to a wider variety of  products and services including:

  • New drive-thru service featuring two large bays;
  • Expanded retread capacity with fast turn around;
  • Complete line of stock cap and casings;
  • Huge selection of premium quality new tires in stock;
  • Mounted wheel program;
  • Road service;
  • Expansive pick-up and delivery area;
  • Additional fleet sales and service support;
  • Wheel refurbishing;
  • Fleet check service on site;
  • New and improved website (

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