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Why Multi-Location Tire Dealers Need Mobile Data Capture

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All across the U.S. there are hundreds of independent tire dealerships with multiple locations. For example, as the leading tire dealer in the U.S., Discount Tire operates more than 1000 stores in 35 different states. And no matter which location they choose, customers expect a speedy, quality experience.

Say a customer is traveling or moving to a new city, and they visit the same tire dealership from home but in a different location. If a customer goes to the same independent tire retail chain, they will expect a seamless process and the same level of service as what their usual dealer offers.

However, providing a consistent experience across multiple stores can be a challenge for many multi-location tire dealers, especially for dealerships with outdated data entry tools that make information hard to access. So, how can tire dealers provide consistent, more efficient services across all locations?

Paper reports need to be replaced

There is a huge digital divide between tire retailers and the rest of the retail industry when it comes to digitizing processes. Many dealers and repair shops are still stuck writing and storing information on a sheet of paper. Inefficient paper-based processes and inaccurate data entry mean dealerships are held back every day from reaching their potential margins. 

When a customer’s vehicle data is only registered on a paper sheet, it is hard, if not impossible, to share the information from one store to another. Sure, a technician could call someone in the customer’s regular store to ask, but that is highly inefficient because of different time zones and operational hours. If one location has a vehicle’s information manually written down and then the customer visits a different location, that data is lost and useless. 

Without data, service and experience suffer

When a customer comes into a dealership to have their vehicle serviced, it’s very unlikely that they will have information on hand about the vehicle’s maintenance history. That means that if the customer visits a different location that uses manual processes, they won’t have access to reliable data. 

Without having maintenance history available, tire technicians have to guess on factors such as when the tires were installed on the vehicle, when they were last rotated and whether signs of wear are new or old. They also need to check parts that were already looked at before, which is an inefficient use of time. As well, without accurate information on hand, misjudgements are more likely to be made. For example, a tire that presents the early marks of age could be replaced, while actually still being good for miles.

When customers feel like the technician is relying on guesswork, or even trying out some sales techniques to get a few more dollars out of the service, customers will start to distrust the tire dealer. With two in five respondents admitting to researching repair prices online before they take their vehicle into the shop, it is evident that tire dealers must build trust with customers to create a better overall experience and increase satisfaction. 

Mobile data capture provides a consistent service at every location

In order to eliminate paper-based processes and digitize data, multi-location tire dealers can take advantage of an integrated mobile data capture solution, which allows them to instantly share relevant data across an entire network of stores.

Mobile data capture is a fast and cost effective solution that records and shares dealership data between every store. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), tire dealerships in any location can scan and digitize information from the tire sidewall such as DOT codes and VINs, as well as license plates. This allows tire dealers to easily access all vehicle information in one spot, no matter their location.

For example, Discount Tire integrated mobile data capture into their processes, allowing technicians to scan and digitize tire numbers and license plates.Mobile data capture helps Discount Tire eliminate paper-based processes, and all the information concerning customers and their vehicles, such as maintenance histories, can be easily transmitted. By making it easier for other store locations to see a vehicle’s history, tire dealers across the country can provide a similar quality, speedy experience to their customers. 

Tire dealers can use technology to increase accuracy and efficiency

If customers are traveling, moving or simply visiting another store from the same tire retail company, having data available makes it easier to create a consistent customer experience and follow service from one location to another.

Not only is mobile data capture more convenient for store associates, but customers will also feel understood and at home every time they step into a store. Providing a consistent experience across store locations strengthens customer relationships and builds lasting loyalty.

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