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Why Having a Computer is Not a License to Share

Do you have a blog? Seems like everyone does.


I do…right here. But I am a professional.

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Most people with blogs are not, and this is why bad things happen. Unsubstantiated rumors spread like wildfire, so-called “facts” are passed off to thousands of eyes. Believe me, I have read many of the blogs originating from the SEMA Show, it doesn’t take any knowledge or talent to have your very own “automotive blog.”

Another thorn in the side of reality is Wikipedia, the original do-it-yourself-encyclopedia where anyone – and I do mean anyone – can contribute.

A recent blog post on concerned a rather errant Wikipedia post (kind of a double-header of questionable information) that dealt with the supposed origins of the Michelin Man. Without getting into unfortunate details, Bib was painted as a robot nurtured by a lonely psychotic German that went on a crazy streak I won’t describe here.


The lesson, folks, is simple: Unless it comes from a really reputable source, question anything you read online.

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– Jim Smith

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