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ESG in the Tire Industry & How Dealers Can Play a Role

In this episode, we speak with Anne Evans, a former tire dealer who is a leader and innovator in the global tire and waste industry, and dive into ESG and sustainability with a tire industry lens.


When you think of sustainability, what comes to mind? Perhaps, it’s the folded arrows of the triangular-shaped recycling sign. Or, maybe a pocket park in your neighborhood. Well, it’s those things and so much more.

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Nowadays, sustainability has made its way into corporate culture in the form of ESG, which stands for environmental, social and governance. You’ve probably heard it from tire manufacturers, who have started charting out ESG goals. One example? Creating tires made fully out of recycled materials by 2050.

While it’s cool to hear about these things, you have to wonder…is ESG just a buzzword? A fleeting trend? And how does ESG in the tire industry affect tire dealers and distributors?

To delve into these questions, we speak with Anne Evans, a former tire dealer who is a leader and innovator in the global tire and waste industry. Today, Anne consults with companies on the topic of ESG, and we dive into it with a tire industry lens. We discuss:

  • What ESG means for tire manufacturers and how it encompasses all they do [2:15 video, 3:56 audio] 
  • The origins of ESG initiatives and how politics can move the needle on sustainability initiatives [3:18 video, 5:00 audio] 
  • How ESG trickles down the supply chain in other industries [4:51 video] 
  • How ESG could be implemented across the tire supply chain, including with dealers and distributors [6:06 video, 6:34 audio] 
  • How tire dealers can incorporate ESG into their business – and how they are already doing it and may not know it [7:56 video, 8:50 audio] 
  • Ways for tire dealers to manage their ESG initiatives [10:30 video, 9:30 audio] 
  • The future of ESG in the tire industry [13:27 video, 12:25 audio] 

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