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Vredestein Wins Auto Express Tire Test

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Vredestein is celebrating its fifth straight win in the annual Auto Express tyre test.


Described as “brilliant in the wet,” the magazine’s only real criticism was of the Sportrac 3’s fuel economy.

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Continental, only 0.6 percentage points behind, took second place. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the report was Kumho’s Marshal second brand taking third. Auto Express’ remaining recommended rosettes were given to the Bridgestone B250 in fourth and Goodyear in sixth who were only separated by 0.01 points. The Vredestein Sportrac 2 won last year’s test. This year leading premium manufacturer, Michelin, took 15th and last place.

“Winning a tyre test once is one thing, winning it four times is already unique, but winning it for the fifth time clearly shows the quality of our products to be “Simply the Best” as the headline of the article says. All at Vredestein are very proud and happy to have such excellent products to sell,” Vredestein UK managing director told Tyres & Accessories.

Apparently, the phones at Vredestein have been red hot with end users and dealers alike phoning up for more information.
The test was carried out with 195/65R15, a top-three tyre size in the list of most popular sizes in the UK.


1st: Vredestein Sportrac 3
2nd: Continental
3rd: Marshal
4th: Bridgestone
5th: Goodyear
6th: Pirelli
7th: Dunlop
8th: Yokohama C.Drive
9th: Avon
10th: Hankook
11th: Maxxis
12th: Marangoni
13th: Toyo
14th: Matador
15th: Michelin



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