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Vredestein Adds 27 Sizes to All-Weather Quatrac Pro Tires

Vredestein‘s Quatrac Pro size list has expanded to fit more vehicles.

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The new size additions allow fitments for vehicles like the Audi Q7, BMW X3, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLC300 and more.


The Quatrac Pro offers all-weather capabilities and is great for drivers in cold northern climates who don’t want to swap between winter and all-season/summer tires, the company says. With its specialized silica compound, and wide longitudinal grooves, the Quatrac Pro provides exceptional performance in rain and snow, adds Vredestein.

The tire is one of four products in Vredestein’s UHP line-up. These new additions brings Vredestein’s UHP segment size range to over 300.

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Passenger/Light Truck

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