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Video: Your Vehicle Data is Being Collected and Shared

Right now, vehicle manufacturers are the only ones who have direct access to and control of your car data. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.


You’ve heard the old saying, “Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.” Well there’s a storm brewing in the automotive industry –but this time, you can take action.

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There’s a lot of talk from industry spokespeople, association leaders, media representatives and repair shop experts about the amount of data that is collected and shared –or withheld –by today’s vehicles. Information such as:

  • how you drive, including your steering, acceleration and braking habits.
  • when you maintain it, including when your car needs repair and maintenance and what should be done
  • what it’s doing, including fuel use, emissions and engine hours
  • and where you are, including your exact location and travel patterns.

Right now, vehicle manufacturers are the only ones who have direct access to and control of your car data. This means they could control who gets the data. What can you do right now to ensure that YOU have access to and control over YOUR car’s data?


Visit Your Car Your Data. There, you’ll be able to sign the petition, adding your name to the list of Americans demanding that Congress give us ownership of our own data. You’ll also learn how you can contact your congressional representative to let your elected figures know that you think data should belong to the vehicle owner. And you can follow Your Car Your Data on twitter and invite your own social network to join the cause. More than 7 out 10 consumers believe that car owners already have access to car data –unfortunately, they’re wrong. Sign up for the Your Car Your Data newsletter to keep informed on how you can demand control and ensure that you have a voice.


This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products. Click here to enter the Your Car. Your Data. Sweepstakes.

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