The Value of Creating a Sales Process at Your Tire Shop

The Value of Creating a Sales Process

When it comes to delivering great customer service at your shop, it’s good to have a guideline for your employees to refer to. And if you say the right thing at the right time, it could result in a sale for your tire dealership. We’ll talk more about the importance of executing the sales process correctly in this episode of the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio series.

To answer questions efficiently and connect with customers, it’s important to have a sales process in place and follow it. This could be a guideline that’s readily available to your staff to refer to and tweak based on each individual conversation.

The goal of a sales process is for you and your employees at your tire dealership to lead the conversation, and a sales process is about asking the customer questions. When you ask questions and manage and control the conversation, this is your best shot at a favorable outcome.

You can sell more at your dealership when everyone follows your sales process, which requires you to get your team comfortable with talking to customers on the phone and going through the outlined sales process you have in place.

To get the best results from your sales process, you want to ensure your employees are comfortable with it. Some employees might feel awkward or uncomfortable going through the sales process on the phone, and to get comfortable, it takes practice. It takes two-to-three months to turn a behavior into a habit, so have them answer calls and use this process as much as possible.

Because you want employees to say the right thing at the right time in the right way, having a script on hand is helpful to making the sale. Think of it as a professional football team running plays: The players already know the play, and it works when executed effectively. Just remember to run the play, or the call, the right way.

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