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Use This Letter for All of Your Customers – If You Can Live Up to It!


safety, and surely none can claim the level of expertise that this store and its staff holds. Why? Simply put:This store is focused completely on tires and service, and nothing else. Ask yourself this:Do Iwant to purchase something this important to my well-being, and that of my family, from a place that doesn’t even specialize in tires?

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Then ask yourself this question: Do I really want to buy the cheapest tires? All tires are not the same. There are many differences in quality and performance between the cheapest tire and the most expensive. When it comes to the only part of your vehicle that touches the road – a connection to the street that is only the size of a standard envelope – do you really want to buy the least expensive tires? Because this is a local business, the staff here has a special appreciation for the performance and value customers expect. They know and care and will always deliver the best options for your safety and your wallet.


Taking your business to a locally-owned store means a lot to the local community, too. Healthy local businesses are the backbone of this country, and taking your dollars to big box or chain stores keeps very little in your town.

Understand that these people ARE tires, inside and out. They know tires and vehicles, and how best to marry the two to provide you with the optimum in treadwear, braking, handling, comfort, low noise and fuel efficiency. They are extremely well-trained and know how to keep your vehicle running strong and safely for you and your family.

The people who own and work at this store are part of your community. They live and work here. Perhaps you even know them personally (if not, I suggest you do). They have families, same as you, and they believe in treating people as they would treat their own spouses, parents, sons and daughters.


Most importantly, though, is that by buying your tires and service from this store, you show that you place a great deal of importance on getting the best – and more. You may not pay the lowest prices here, but I can personally promise that you are getting the best selection and service you will find, and will drive away on the best possible tires for your vehicle and budget.

If quality is important to you – and it should be – know that the tires you will find here are made by the best manufacturers in the world and feature advanced technology developed specifically to keep you safe and optimize your vehicle’s performance. Whether you drive a minivan or sports car, you will find only the best tire options here.


The tire recommendations you receive here come from people well-trained by the manufacturers and suppliers to know and understand how to best match tires to a customer’s needs. They are not just trying to sell you something; they are working to put the best rubber and replacement parts in your vehicle. Why is that important? Because they want to see you again and again and again as a customer, but they don’t want you to have to come back complaining about bad tires or a specific service problem that wasn’t addressed.

The relationship you build with this store is not intended to be just one-way. You can help ensure that your tire and service needs are fully met by communicating your vehicle problems to this Independent Tire Dealer, thereby helping them properly diagnose and resolve your driving concerns.


I know you will have a great experience today and in the future. If this Independent Tire Dealer fails to live up to
your expectations, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. We wish you happy motoring!

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