Recommending UTQG Track Tires vs. UHP Summer Tires

Recommending UTQG Track Tires vs. UHP Summer Tires

In this video, Babcox Media's Joe Keene explains the differences between Continental's UTQG track tires and UHP summer tires, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

There’s a big difference between “the tire you drive on the track and also the road” and “the tire you drive on the road but also the track.” In this video, Babcox Media’s Joe Keene explains the differences, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the difference between DOT-approved track tires (or UTQG track tires) versus UHP summer tires and how to know which is best for your customers with a need for speed.

First, let’s look at the track tire. These are those tires that you drive on the track but also can use on the road. A good example of this is the Continental ExtremeContact Force. This is a competition tire for both enthusiasts and professionals. It’s a road-worthy track tire that’s DOT-approved and has good on-road manners.

The ExtremeContact Force and tires of the like are definitely the choice for speed on a racetrack and are a top pick for endurance racing. Think competitions like the Word Racing League’s Road America, or the ChampCar Endurance Series. Drivers like these tires for their outstanding track wear, confident wet handling and consistency during a race that could last seven to nine hours at competitive speeds. For those that like endurance racing, the Continental ExtremeContact Force has you and your customers covered.

But what about those customers that do more road driving with their performance tires? The ones we talked about that want a tire you drive on the road and also the track. The Continental ExtremeContact Sport, Continental’s premium UHP summer tire, is a great example.

This tire is quiet with great road manners and longer tread life. But don’t be fooled. This tire is fun to drive on, and has been proven and used on some of America’s toughest tracks. In fact, the Continental ExtremeContact Sport was developed in partnership with professional racecar drivers. It’s the tire of choice for premier performance racing schools, such as the BMW driving school and AMG driving school. And, it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s longest continuous drift. For speed demons who want the same tire for the track and a fun drive around town, a UHP summer tire like the ExtremeContact Sport is for you.

So, let’ review: If you’re an enthusiast or professional who either has a dedicated track car or a daily driver you regularly take to the track to compete in different racing classes, the ExtremeContact Force is your tire of choice.

If you’re an enthusiast who occasionally goes to a track, the ExtremeContact Sport has the best road manners and is your tire for the everyday spirited drive. It’s capable on the track and has been proven many times over. 

This video is sponsored by Continental.

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