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Toyo, GLM to partner on Electric Vehicle Suspension Module

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., has announced a partnership with GLM Co, Ltd to jointly develop suspension modules for electric vehicles.


Toyo Tires and GLM will work together on a suspension module for electric vehicles.

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., has announced an agreement to jointly develop an electric vehicle (EV) suspension module with GLM Co, Ltd., a manufacturer of EVs.

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A main goal of the planned technology is to develop quieter components that keep pace with EV engines, which make significantly less noise than combustion engines. Toyo has identified the importance of developing rubber products that hush noise over uneven road surfaces while maintaining performance as a key element of EV development. The company sees its automotive products, such as tires and air suspension, as an integral part of vibration control that play an important role in maintaining quietness, comfort, and safety.

GLM launched full-scale mass-production of their Tommykaira ZZ electric sports car in October 2015. The following year, GLM attracted attention when it presented its concept car –  GLM G4 – as a futuristic electric supercar at the Paris Motor Show 2016.

Toyo says that by jointly developing product modules with GLM, they will be well positioned to advance future EV development. The company’s aim is to utilize experience in the design and packaging of suspension modules to resolve future technical challenges related to EV design.

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