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Titan Releases Extreme Flotation Ag Tires


Titan Tire will be releasing extreme flotation category agriculture tires.

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The new category of Goodyear tractor tires will feature a wide footprint designed for a smoother ride, tighter turn radius, reduced width, improved flotation and reduced soil compaction.


Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan’s Goodyear brand, said extreme flotation tires provide better flotation in normal and wet conditions during spring tillage, fieldwork and harvest.


“If you run a self-propelled sprayer or you have a co-op taking care of your side-dressing, your tractor likely doesn’t see any time in the field post-emergence,” Sloan said. “In that case, running a flotation tire year-round is a no-brainer. Even if you have to swap them out for duals to do a few things in the summer, you’re going to get three times the use out of the extreme flotation tires throughout the season, creating less compaction with every trip through the field than you will with the duals, and you’ll experience much better ride quality doing it,” he said. 

Two of the new Goodyear lines fall into this new category: the Goodyear Super Terra Grip XT 1000/40R32 and the Goodyear DT930 1100/45R46. Both tires come with the added benefit of low sidewall technology, reducing road lope and power hop and improving lateral stability on hillside conditions.



When it comes to extreme flotation compared to duals, the common setup on an MFWD tractor places 480/80R50 duals on the rear and 420/85R34 singles on the front. This setup results in a total contact area of 2,368 inches, the front running at 15 psi and the rear running at nine psi. The Goodyear DT930 1100/45R46 on the rear and the Goodyear Super Terra Grip XT 1000/40R32 on front increases contact area by about 20% to 2,716 inches, reducing ground pressure.


Titan’s Goodyear brand extreme flotation tires also have LSW technology, which features a larger wheel diameter and smaller sidewall than conventional tires. This decreases the likelihood for recoil to improve ride quality and stability.

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