TR Mobility Garage Series: What Makes up the EV Market?

TR Mobility Garage Series: What Makes up the EV Market?

Join Jim Davis as he breaks down vehicle electrification, the types of EVs on the road today and how OEMs are ramping up EV production at a rapid rate in the first episode of Tire Review's Mobility Garage Series.

How soon will electric vehicles proliferate today’s car parc? How will EVs affect tire development in the future? We answer these questions and more in our newest video series, Tire Review‘s Mobility Garage Series! This new series will take a deep dive into the future mobility landscape and how the tire industry, especially tire dealers, will be impacted by technologies coming down the line.

Jim Davis, a 30-plus year tire industry veteran and former editor of Tire Review, serves as your host that will break down the complexity of today’s modern mobility technologies and provide data to inform your business to prepare for the future ahead. Jim recently retired from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company as a manager in the public relations department, where he researched and wrote about future mobility trends including electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle technology and Goodyear’s investment in these areas for tire development.

Join Jim as he breaks down vehicle electrification, the types of EVs on the road today and how OEMs are ramping up EV production at a rapid rate in the first episode of Tire Review’s Mobility Garage Series.

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