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How Do You Compare?


Numbers don’t lie, but managing by the numbers and understanding the resulting best of best practices cannot be accomplished without real-world numbers.


That’s why Tire Review launched the first comprehensive Tire Industry Benchmarking Study.benchmarking

The survey will define real-world trends and best practices to help independent tire dealers better manage their businesses, providing critical benchmarks so that owners and managers can improve sales, manage costs, leverage opportunities and optimize profitability from their operations.

But it digs much deeper than the financial-based benchmarking familiar to many of you. The Tire Review Tire Industry Benchmarking Study will examine the types of services, products and brands offered by tire dealers, their structure and make-up, as well as look at how they are investing in their business.


For this survey to work for you, though, we need you to participate.

Just give us 15 minutes of your time – and we’ll deliver to you a customized report showing how your location stacks up against other tire dealers.

Visit www.TireReviewSurvey.com today.

Study participants also can enter their location into Tire Review’s 2014 Top Performers Awards Program.

All responses will remain confidential. Only Tire Review and the research organization conducting the study will have access to individual responses. Findings will only be reported in aggregate groupings.

Best of all, a unique scoring system allows tire dealers to truly and fairly measure themselves against other dealers – regardless of size or shape or geography – giving us the opportunity to highlight the most meaningful best practices and spotlight the industry’s top performing tire dealers.


Remember: research is only as good as the input, which is why we are urging all of our tire dealer audience to participate and reap the benefits from this industry-wide research effort. Take a few minutes to provide honest and complete responses to our survey questions at TireReviewSurvey.com.

Get online and get involved in the Tire Review Tire Industry Benchmarking Study. Help yourself, help your business and help your future.

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