Profit Time, Excellent! How Tire Dealers Eke Out Higher Profit Margins

Profit Time, Excellent! How Tire Dealers Raise Their Margins

In this month's episode of Rolling with the Numbers, we take a look at our most recent tire dealer survey data to find out how dealers are making more money, what their most profitable service is and how they use education to drive sales even higher.

Between worker shortages and supply chain strains, making money in the tire business isn’t getting easier for a lot of tire dealers. Yet, many dealers tell us they’re still able to find ways to increase their profit margins. For example, 58% of tire dealers who took our survey say they increased their labor rate for vehicle service this year, and 92% increased their rates within the past three years.

In this month’s episode of Rolling with the Numbers, we take a look at our most recent tire dealer survey data to find out how dealers are making more money, what their most profitable service is and how they use education to drive sales even higher.

MORE: Check out last month’s episode on how top tire dealers manage inventory.

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