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What Free Services Do Tire Dealers Offer?

Babcox Data surveyed close to 400 retail tire dealerships. Take a look at what we found.


Measuring wear across the tire tread can reveal the need for a tire rotation and perhaps a wheel alignment.

Taking care of the customer remains a top priority among tire dealers, so we were curious about the standard services provided as part of a typical tire sale. What do shops include for customers? What are others offering?


To get answers, the team at Babcox Data surveyed close to 400 retail tire dealerships.

Most offer free lifetime air and lifetime tire rotations. Only a few offer alignments as standard. But to keep your customers coming back and engaged with your business for months and years following the sale, perhaps it makes sense to consider adding a few customer-care services. While it may seem to be too expensive to offer, when you factor in the cost of marketing to try to capture a new customers, giving up a little money on ongoing services included in the sale may be money well spent to ensure they keep coming back for more. Once they’re back in the shop, it’s easy to add on services that they are willing to pay for – and it could help keep a customer for life in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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