Tire Changer Technology to Help Improve Productivity  

Tire Changer Technology to Help Improve Productivity  

Rick Kennedy, product manager for tire changers at The Coats Company, shares what new technology is essential for investing in a tire changer today.

A myraid of tire changers exist on the market today, so how do you know which one is right for your shop? Saying a new tire changer is a huge investment is an understatement, yet in order to service the wheel assemblies you’re seeing in your bays today, as well as those coming down the line, identifying the technology your techs need to perform proper and efficient tire service each time is a must.

In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX, we’re joined by Rick Kennedy, product manager for tire changers at The Coats Company, who shares what new technology is essential for investing in a tire changer today and how Coats is looking to make the tire technician’s job easier.


  • Tire changer technology to look out for to service both today’s wheel assemblies and those in the future (0:52);
  • How Coats designed its new Maxx series of tire changers to address technicians’ biggest pain points (4:44);
  • Rick compares the Maxx series to previous Coats tire changer models to emphasize the convenience features they added through field research (9:54);
  • The testing process for the Maxx Series (12:08);
  • Examples of tire changer technology that allow technicians to perform their jobs safer and change tires faster (15:10).

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