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Tire Changer Technology; Cleaning & Polishing

Advancing Tire Changer Technology

The makers of tire changers have put nearly as much technology into their equipment as NASA has in its space shuttles.

Think about the pedal controls: inflation, rotation and optional wheel lift operation that can be controlled by a set of three foot pedals. And consider mount and demount rollers. Today’s tire changers offer rollers that automatically indent to follow a rim profile. They also gently roll the bead from the rim.

Next, diameter controls feature a single control arm which operates all diameter functions. At this point the diameter is retained until reset, allowing all four tires to be serviced after setting the parameters only once.

Also offered is a patented “quick clamp” design that mechanically locks the wheel. This affords quick take up that secures the clamp cone to the center hole. To make life even easier, check out the integrated inflation gauge complete with a bleed button. Moreover, PSI is limited for safety.

A handheld blast inflator allows the technician to direct bursts of compressed air when and where needed to easily seal the head.

Many of today’s tire changers offer powerful electric motors that exert more than 850 foot-pounds of torque to service even the most stubborn tires. The motor’s continuously variable speed allows the user to minimize service time without damaging the tire.

Today’s tire changers even offer an air preparation system, which includes an air filter, air regulator and an air lubricator, to protect tire changers from potentially harmful shop air. Even the mounting paste bucket has been ergonomically located along with a brush.

Meanwhile, the wheel support plate comes with center clamps for maximum diameter flexibility and is adjustable to three working heights for operator comfort. Also, cam action tightens as the wheel turns, and a traction bar and bead depressor tail are standard equipment on today’s state-of-the-art tire changers.

Stand Out by Cleaning and Polishing

Many car and tire dealers are washing every car that leaves their dealerships – and customers love it. Could the next step be detailing the customer’s car for a fair price? Answer: yes. None of your customers have time to spend a Saturday or Sunday washing and waxing their cars. So why don’t you beat them to the punch?

When a vehicle moves through your dealership, consider the advantage of a quick detail, a supreme shine micro fiber cloth or an ultra plus super terry towel readily available to quickly and safely remove water spots and contaminants like bird droppings, bugs, tree sap mist, road film, dust and overspray, in addition to providing a quick and easy way to keep plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather, metal and even audio/video and navigational equipment clean and revitalized.

What about wheel cleaning? The best and safest way to remove brake dust, dirt and road grime from wheels is to match the type of wheel cleaner to the type of wheel you’re cleaning. Using the wrong cleaner can lead to discoloring, dulling and permanent staining.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to take the easy way out be resorting to an extra strength cleaner that can potentially damage your wheels because it’s too strong. This is a common mistake people make when they rely on cleaners that are too strong, or the common under the sink multi-purpose cleaners not intended for a particular wheel surface.

By using a high-quality wheel brush or a household paintbrush you will effectively agitate the built-up brake dust and road grime, enabling the wheel cleaning chemicals to penetrate, loosen and break their grip on the surface of the customer’s wheel. A second application will only take a few minutes and it will do a much better job of cleaning the wheels.

For a safe, sure cleaning take a look at Meguiars NXT Generation, All Metal Polish or any Meguiars premium wax or paint protectant for coated or factory painted wheels to ensure that cleaning wheels is fast and easy.

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