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Timberland Launches New Range of CUV, A/T Tires


TimberlandTireOmni United’s Timberland brand will launch a new and complete range of CUV and A/T tires.

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The Timberland Cross – designed to have the comfort of a touring tire and durability of a light truck tire, while holding grip on slippery roads and in harsh weather – will include 15 more sizes. The Cross line will have a total of 35 sizes for small SUVs and crossover vehicles.

This month, Omni will also launch the new Timberland A/T, designed to provide “off-road capabilities and rugged looks without sacrificing on-road manners” with a more aggressive on-road A/T tread pattern. The line will provide 30 sizes for crossovers, SUVs and pick-up trucks.

Both product lines are built in the U.S.

Omni United’s Timberland brand recently collaborated with Uber in New York City to introduce a complete range of tires and give consumers the opportunity to take a free, 30-minute ride in a Timberland branded Jeep fitted with Cross tires.

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