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TIA’s All-Female Certified ATS Program a Success




The Tire Industry Association hosted its first-ever all-female Certified Automotive Tire Service Instructor Training course on Oct. 6-9 in Denver, Colo. Eight women attended the program.

“This being the inaugural class, we had no expectations.  I was thrilled with the turnout and the class was excellent.  The ladies in attendance where there to learn and participated 100%,” said TIA President Freda Pratt-Boyer.

The all-female ATS Instructor Program was announced at SEMA in 2014 as part of Pratt-Boyer’s agenda to have more female facing programs.  TIA is also hosting “Women Driven: Women in Business – Shattering the Glass Ceiling!” educational session from 1p.m. – 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 4 at SEMA.


“I believe the female class is important because we want to know in a different way.  Our questions seem to be more detailed and the ‘why’ keeps coming to mind.  The hands-on experience the ladies encountered would not have happened had it been a mixed gender class,” Pratt-Boyer shared.

TIA_AllfemaleATS2Laurie Rausch, co-owner of A&L Tire and Services in Albion, Pa., opened a store in May 2015 with her brother. She attended the class to gain more knowledge and become a certified trainer, Rausch said.

“I loved the class. I thought it was very well put together,” she shared.” We had a great instructor and he was very knowledgeable.”

“I would highly recommend women of all ages to attend this class.  With all of the tools and instruction now available, there is no reason not to pursue a career in the tire industry.  The class I attended had women of all ages and proof that women can have a long career in what used to be a man’s world, said Vicki Thurman, a service writer/sales person at TF Tire & Service in Tulare, Calf. Thurman is a 16-year tire industry veteran, who spent 13 years in the office side of the business. 


TIA is hoping to plan another all-female ATS for 2016, but nothing is scheduled as of yet, the association said.



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