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They Ready and Waiting

If you think the rest of the market is taking a big nap while GM and Chrysler dealers – and all of those service bays – are getting whacked, thing again.

This from Meineke Car Care Centers:

Meineke Car Care Centers Supports Right to Repair Act
Chrysler and GM bankruptcies highlight need for additional repair options
June16, 2009 – As of early June, Chrysler LLC wants to eliminate 789dealerships – roughly one-quarter of its total U.S. dealerships –saying that their sales are too low. General Motors seeks to make asimilar move. While the final decision rests with the bankruptcycourts, the possible closing of these dealerships has customersconcerned: Who will handle the warranty work on their Chrysler andGeneral Motors’ vehicles?

Inthe meantime, according to, car owners’ warranties will remainvalid through their term regardless of where the vehicles werepurchased, and the required warranty maintenance work can be done atany certified shop. This may be a much better option for consumers thandriving to the nearest existing Chrysler or General Motors dealer. Manyof the dealerships targeted for closure are in small to mid-size towns,meaning that the next closest dealer may be up to 60 miles away.

“Manufacturerslike Chrysler and General Motors require that new vehicles bemaintained in accordance with the specifications outlined in thevehicle’s owner manual in order to protect the new car warranty,” saysDon Rauch, director of dealer communications for Meineke Car CareCenters. “What owners may not realize is that most Meineke Care CareCenters have ASE-trained technicians who are qualified to perform themaintenance work needed to preserve the new car warranty. We can’tperform repair work that is covered by this type of warranty, but wecan provide the required maintenance.”

Rauchnotes that restrictions on warranty repair work have accelerated thepush for the Right to Repair Act, which would allow independent repairshops to compete for the business now guaranteed only todealer-contracted establishments. Until recently, car manufacturershave severely limited the number of repair shops that are allowed tohave the technology, diagnostic codes and updated repair informationrequired to make some warranty repairs, given today’s computer-reliantcars. With the Right to Repair Act, the door would open for moreindependent shops to make critical repairs.

However,Rauch explains that certain warranty repair work can be done at localMeineke Car Care Centers. “If a customer purchased a vehicle servicecontract, also called an extended warranty, from a now-closed Chrysleror General Motors dealership, then local Meineke Car Care Centers canperform warranty work under these types of contracts," Rauch says.  "Wewill be paid by the warranty company for those repairs. We advisecustomers to check and see what kinds of warranties they hold, and ifthey have any questions, please call us.”

Forcar owners looking to purchase a vehicle service contract, Meineke nowoffers contracts for most automobile makes and models with mileage upto 150,000 miles. This new program, called “Meineke Vehicle Protection”or “MVP” is available in 26 states across the United States. Car ownerscan log onto, or call 1-877-670-6877 to see if theprogram is offered in their state, and to get a quote for a contract.

“Ifyou own a Chrysler or General Motors vehicle, don’t panic,” says Rauch.“We have the ASE-certified technicians to maintain and repair your carsand keep you on the road for years to come.”

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– Jim Smith

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