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Team USA, Keep the Faith

As the world battles coronavirus, there are countless stories of courage, selflessness and innovation in our own industry.


During this unprecedented time when the entire world is battling the coronavirus—the most serious threat to American health in over a century according to health experts—and the economic tsunami that is also swirling in our midst, we are united in our determination to conquer it.


Between the barrage of newscasts reporting the number of coronavirus cases and casualties, there are glimmers of hope. There are countless stories of courage and selflessness from doctors and nurses on the front lines, and everyday heroes who provide support from afar to loved ones and strangers alike.

Everyone is linked by our national spirit and patriotism, so I find this sign “Team USA, Keep the Faith,” taken at a golf course near me, to be particularly fitting during this historic pandemic.


Many have said that tragedies of this magnitude also bring out the best in people—those who help the less fortunate and practice random acts of compassion and kindness. And, there are those who work to find solutions by collaborating and innovating.

Look no further than our industry to find some great examples.

Scott Welsh, owner of Courtesy Auto & Tire of Tacoma in Washington state, created a video and released it through his newsletter and social media to let people know his dealership is open, that it’s “essential,” and that he and his team are taking the proper measures to take care of their customers—with their safety being a top priority.


Visitors to the Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair website will see a letter from CEO Howard Fleischmann that describes what Community Tire, with six locations in Arizona, is doing to combat the spread of the virus with a “touchless” service experience through vehicle pickup and delivery, no-contact key dropoff, and mobile communication and payment. The letter also explains the rigorous cleaning procedures at all locations including frequent sanitation of high-touchpoint areas.

Now, more than ever, your customers need to have trust in your business. If customer service is not high on your list of priorities, move it to the top of the list. If you think your ideas are all tapped out, think again. Let customers know with positivity and creativity that you are ready, willing and able to serve their vehicle needs during this tough time.


Tell them how you are taking all the necessary measures to protect them with sanitation and social distancing measures. Reach out to them regularly, via text messages, social media and e-blasts, so that your business is top of mind.

Work together as a team to ensure customers return to your shop with confidence and commitment. Do what you have always done to be successful, but more of it. Together, we will persevere and win this battle.

What Innovations Have You Come Up With?

We’d love to hear how you are safeguarding your business during the pandemic. Send your comments to [email protected].


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