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What Employers of LGBT Employees Need to Know

The Terminology In order to understand the issues, we first need to define the terms. According to the American Psychological Association, sex is defined as one’s biological status as either male or female, which is primarily associated with physical attributes. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society

Problem Employees

Managing difficult employees and holding them accountable in a litigation-happy environment often feels akin to walking a tightrope while wearing a blindfold. And while not every under-performing or disgruntled employee will take legal action, companies can discourage litigation by instituting and consistently following good discipline and performance policies. Two important management tools for handling challenging

The Payday Polka

Payday. While it is music to an employee’s ears, payday presents logistical and legal challenges for your company. One of the chief challenges is ensuring your employees are paid properly under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Why does FLSA matter to you? Money. Improperly paying employees opens you up to potentially massive liability from a

Internal Investigations

The first time you learn of an employee’s complaint probably isn’t the day your company is served with a lawsuit. In most cases, the alleged victim complains to the company first. While an initial internal complaint provides an opportunity to solve the problem and limit your legal exposure, all too often an employer drops the

Walking the Social Media Tightrope

In today’s digital workplace, few issues cause more confusion than social media. Numerous laws are relevant to social media, ranging from Title VII to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to state-specific laws barring requests for applicants’ personal passwords. However, employers can navigate the social media minefield by identifying and addressing the risks. Screening of Applicants

Employee Handbooks

Providing clear expectations between employers, employees If you employ five people, an employee handbook probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. But if you’ve grown beyond that size, then this article is most definitely for you. A good employee handbook records the company’s rules and communicates them to your employees in an easy,

Hiring and Firing the Legal and Correct Way

Welcome to You & The Law! While you face challenges at your business every day, my goal is take some of the mystery and confusion out of the employment law dilemmas faced by small businesspeople. One of the areas about which I get the most questions is hiring and firing employees. Hiring and firing employees