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A Marketing Conundrum: Should You Advertise on Yelp?

To understand why Yelp can be a viable marketing channel, you first need to understand consumer behavior and their attitudes toward independent review ratings.

Yelp For Tire Shops: Monetizing What Makes Many a Manager Mad

Believe it or not, Yelp’s claim that their ads work and can bring auto shops more customers actually holds true. So, if you love to make money more than you love to hate Yelp, keep reading.

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Advertising is a Click Away

In the past, you could run an ad for tires or a service special and customers might call or come by. Today, you run an ad and, before coming by, they are far more likely to check you out online first. Moving forward this is unlikely to change, so plan accordingly. U.S. businesses spend $360 million

Yelp Drives Hard Bargain, Not Extortion

Over the years, Yelp has been repeatedly accused of manipulating how businesses appear on the site to extorts ads from them. An appeals court in California ruled on this topic last week, affirming a lower court’s earlier decision that Yelp can lower or raise the rating of a business depending on whether it advertises with the