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Tips for a More Precise Wheel Balance

Top-tier tires can’t compensate for imbalance or worn-out equipment.

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Fine-Tuning Your Wheel Balancing Process

The first step to a smooth ride and well-balanced tire has nothing to do with the balancer.

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Achieving The Perfect Wheel Balance

Do you ever wish you could have perfect balance in your life? I do. I try to focus my energy on meditation and work-life balance. Did you know you could help your customers achieve the perfect balance, too? I’m done talking about balancing chakras though. I’m talking about something real – achieving the perfect tire

How to Reduce Wheel Balancing Comebacks

Unbalanced tires can lead to problems throughout a vehicle, and increased comebacks in the shop. Let’s dive into ways you can reduce those comebacks in this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video. Most wheel balancing comebacks can be directly attributed to the way wheels are incorrectly centered when mounted on the balancer. The solution

Custom Wheel Balancing Checklist

To maintain a smooth ride on a vehicle, good wheel balancing is a necessity. In the video above from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio, we’ll talk more about the process of balancing a customer’s wheels. Custom wheels with low-profile tires can cause tire vibration and discomfort in the driver’s seat if the wheels

Tire Puncture Repair and Wheel Care

Any successful tire dealer knows that offering a complete lineup of tire services can keep customers from seeking repairs elsewhere and add to the bottom line. Included in that lineup, puncture repair and wheel care are important service offerings that complete the tire package. Whether offered as part of a new tire purchase or as

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Taking Care of the Wheel During Balancing

When balancing a wheel assembly, it’s important to prevent damage to the wheel during the process. Before balancing, remove the wheel weights if you haven’t already. When removing adhesive weights, only use a plastic wheel weight remover tool. Using metal tools can scratch the rim’s surface. Then, you’ll want to use a solvent to clean

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Troubleshooting Tire Vibration with Proper Wheel Balancing

Around 60% of vibration-related comebacks are due to improper wheel mounting or balancing.

Lower Fleet Maintenance Costs with Tire Balancing

Balancing is mission critical for maintaining the health of suspension components and for long tire life.

Finding the Right Balance: Commercial Tire Edition

Balancing is mission-critical for maintaining the health of suspension components and for long tire life.

Video: Differences in Wheel Balancing Software

Tire Review’s Maddie Winer details different wheel balancing software options available, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

What RFV Means to the Tire Industry, Part II

In Part II of this article, we move to tire/wheel RFV in terms of tire vibration problem-solving in the tire shop.