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Google: Changing the Rules

In a world where more than 80% of prospective consumers will see your ad but still look you up online before calling or visiting your dealership, an ad placement in a local Google search is critical. A local search is triggered when someone types in “tires” and the name of the city in which you

Investing in the Digital World

Going online for any service is the new norm with almost every consumer owning a smartphone. With today’s technology, information can be accessed almost anywhere, making a major purchasing or scheduling decision a click away. Searching the Web for tire dealers is gaining momentum, making a functioning and user-friendly website more important than ever for

Net Driven Offering Social Media Management

Net Driven is offering the management of social media accounts—Social Media Master Tech—to its portfolio of Internet marketing offerings. Social Media Master Tech includes the creation and optimization of social media pages for dealers, as well as relevant, industry-related content posted to social media pages, Net Driven said. “Social media is something that businesses can