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Live in Washington or Oregon? Remove Studs in Tires By March 31

As spring approaches, the deadline to remove studs from tires is on the horizon in many states. See when you state requires studs to be removed from tires. 

deadline to remove studs in tires by U.S. state
Speedco Opens Spokane Location

Speedco has opened a new retail store location in Spokane, Wash. Speedco is owned and operated by Bridgestone Americas. This is the second store in Spokane and the 52nd Speedco location nationally. “We are excited to officially open a Speedco location in Spokane, expanding our network and making preventative maintenance service more readily available in

Studded Tire Season Coming to an End

Studded tire season is coming to a close in multiple areas of the U.S., with six states ending their studded tire seasons today. Motorists in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Missouri, Maryland and Utah must have their studded tires swapped out no later than March 31, 2016. Those who do not have their studded tires removed could face hefty fines.