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Commercial Van Tire Segment Continues to Deliver Growth

In addition to increased e-commerce sales during the pandemic, many elements have influenced the growth of the commercial van tire segment.

Yokohama Releases New BluEarth-Van All-Season Tire

Yokohama Tire released its BluEarth-Van All Season RY61 tire, which is now available in three sizes that cover the most popular van fitments in today’s market. The company says four more sizes will be offered in early 2023. Yokohama says highlights of the RY61 include:

Yokohama-BluEarth-RY61 van-tire
General Tire Introduces Grabber HD Van Tires

General Tire has launched its new all-season commercial tire, the Grabber HD Van. General Tire says this durable cargo van and fleet tire was developed for long-lasting treadwear under loaded conditions and comes complete with Duragen technology, which provides robust durability and enhanced sidewall protection. According to General Tire, some key features of its new