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4,600 Tires Removed from 1 Illinois Waste Tire Disposal Site

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has removed over 4,600 tires from a used tire disposal site — the largest used tire removal site in the state’s history.

Illinois used tire removal EPA photo
Michelin Must Face Lawsuit on Fatal Crash Involving Used Tire, Texas Court Rules

A Texas appellate court rejected Michelin North America Inc.’s bid to escape a lawsuit involving a 2015 fatal accident allegedly caused by a defect in one of its tires.

Jacksonville News Station Investigates Shop Selling ‘Dangerous’ Used Tires  

A Jacksonville, Fla., news station has investigated a tire shop after hearing claims that the shop was selling dangerous used tires. After a single mom with two teenage daughters bought two used tires from the shop, only to find them both flat the next day, the woman claims the tire shop would not refund her without