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Yokohama Tire Adds New Size to 902L UWB Tire

Yokohama Tire’s max-mileage 902L ultra wide base (UWB) long-haul/regional drive tire is now available in a new size: 455/55R22.5.

Yokohama Tire new truck tire size
Update: No Duties Against Chinese Truck Tires

No duties will be enacted against truck and bus tires from China following the U.S. International Trade Commission’s negative determination. Tiremakers and USW give their thoughts on the decision.

China Prepares to Push Back Against Tariffs as USW Celebrates Victory

The Chinese government has reportedly stated it will take action if the newly issued tariffs made by the U.S. Department of Commerce infringe on the country’s trade rights, the China Daily reports.

Falken Rolls Out New Truck Tire Line

Falken has launched four new steer and drive truck tires – the BI850, RI130 Ecorun, RI150 Ecorun, and BI830 Ecorun. “Falken’s newest technology has been built into these four key products to maximize their time in service and extend the time between tire removals,” stated Richard Smallwood, Falken CEO and president. “For the steer axle,