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Getting In-Depth on Tread Depth with Anyline’s Chief Product Officer

We all have that ever-so-valuable and powerful mini-computer in our pockets. Our cell phones may cause headaches, sure, but they certainly shorten tedious processes and make communication a lot easier. One company that’s using mobile devices to shorten the tire inspection process is Anyline, a mobile scanning solutions company that has partnered with the likes

Anyline Launches Tread Depth Scanner for Smartphones at SEMA

Anyline launched a tire tread scanner that works on any camera-enabled smartphone or mobile device. The company announced this innovation at a press conference held at SEMA Show 2022 in Las Vegas this week. The company says measuring tire tread wear requires dedicated analog or digital tools that technicians use to measure tire grooves physically,

A Common Link Between Tires, Brakes and TPMS

Using the Autel ITS600 for TPMS service is just smart business. The ITS600 has a host of other “add-on” tools to provide your customers a detailed examination of their vehicle health by use of the scan report that is easy to read and understand. Let’s dive into the Tire Brake Examiner 200 (or TBE200) used

Autel TBE 200
Relationship Between Tire Tread Depth And Rolling Resistance

As a tire dealer, you know that tread depth plays a role in rolling resistance – and your customers should, too. Let’s delve into this relationship and how to explain it to customers. Tires have to generate a minimum amount of heat and friction and have great heat transfer capabilities to ensure good rolling resistance.

The TPMS and Tire-Life Connection

Tire pressure monitoring systems, although extremely important and a mandated safety requirement on new vehicles sold in the U.S., are still considered a discretionary part by most drivers. This means that TPMS systems are considered “optional” since the vehicle will still run without them fully functioning. Quite frankly, a vehicle will get you from point

TPMS Tire Life
Autel Releases New Tread Depth Reader

The tool is a laser-enabled tire tread depth and brake disc wear examiner that provides users with quick and accurate wear measurements, Autel says.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200
Tire Technology: The Science & Engineering Behind Making a Tire

Tires are one of the most intricate mechanical composites existing in the engineering universe. See how they’re engineering makes them responsible for most vehicle characteristics.

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Nokian Expands SnapSkan Tire Monitoring Service

Nokian Tyres’ tire condition monitoring service, SnapSkan has grown international and launched five new checking points in Nordic countries.

Nokian Tyres Launching Drive-Over Tire Monitoring System

In an effort to prevent tire-related accidents, Nokian Tyres has partnered with tire and service chain Vianor to launch the new tire monitoring technology, SnapSkan, in Finland. SnapSkan uses drive-over 3-D scanning technology to automatically measure tread depth while a camera identifies the vehicle using the registration number. When the scan in finished the driver can receive a tire