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TPMS Suppliers See Progress from Tool Update Campaign

The impetus to start the campaign came as many TPMS tool suppliers saw an increase of calls to their tech help lines.

TPMS Manufacturers Urge Technicians to Update Tool Software

TPMS manufacturers and TIA launched the “Update Your TPMS Tools!” campaign during National Tire Safety Week.

Tire Mounted Sensors: The Future of Intelligent Tire Sensing

Tire-mounted sensors offer expanded capabilities for TPMS technology advancement.

Bartec Announces Tool Software Update

Bartec USA says the new software allows technicians to test the battery status of TPMS sensors on the vehicle.

ATEQ TPMS Tools Introduces New Commercial Truck Tool

ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC announced the addition of the VT Truck 2.0 to the ATEQ TPMS tool lineup. The ATEQ VT Truck 2.0 offers functionalities specifically designed for the maintenance of trucks and buses and includes all-new OBD coverage. With an all-new sturdy and compact design, the tool can easily read sensors, even in twin

Why TPMS Tools are Used and How They Work

As a tire dealer, I am sure you have one or two TPMS tools laying around your shop. While they may be popular, diagnosing a malfunction might seem a bit confusing at times and somewhat time-consuming. Not to mention if you have to reprogram a diagnostic tool to meet the vehicle’s application specifications. In this

For Techs and Customers: An Efficient TPMS Solution

In the business of automotive repair, two of our primary goals are always increasing the efficiency at which our technicians can perform service and increasing the opportunities for service that we can offer our customers. The Autel ITS600 can help us do both. The Autel ITS600 is a wireless TPMS tool that offers complete TPMS

Autel ITS 600 OBD II
TPMS Diagnostic Strategy and Checks

One of the diagnostic mantras preached by service experts today is “test before you touch.” You should always use a TPMS tool to activate and check the response signal from each tire pressure sensor in each wheel before you do anything else. This will tell you: Whether or not each sensor is capable of generating

Bartec USA Announces New TPMS Tool

Bartec USA’s TechRITEPro is available in a “tool only” kit or bundled with the company’s Rite-Sensors.

Continental Releases Autodiagnos TPMS D Tool

The Autodiagnos TPMS D tool can perform relearns on 98.6% of all domestic, European, and Asian TPMS compliant vehicles, Continental says.

TPMS Tool Proliferation: Why It Happens, How to Avoid it

As shops continue to explore their options for programmable sensor partners and decrease their sensor inventory, they now find themselves collecting multiple programming tools along the way.

Bartec USA Releases New TPMS Tool Updates

In addition to increasing the coverage for the Rite-Sensor, Bartec also announced additional vehicle coverage and an update to the TPMS Desktop utility.