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Three Things to Keep Your Eye on in the New Year

Let’s face it: it’s harder to be an independent tire dealer today than in years past. That’s what longtime tire dealers we talk to—not only in interviews but also at ride-n-drives, on Johnny g & Friends and in What’s Treading episodes—tell us. From supply challenges to expanding tire sizes, the business has gotten complicated. And

Why are Tires Black?

Have you ever looked at a vehicle and wondered why its tires are black? I mean, all tires are black, but why can’t they be maybe yellow or orange or purple? Well, let’s talk about the crucial material in tires that makes them black– and helps them maintain durability In this video from the Tire

OE vs. Replacement Tires

OE tires are what you find on your car when you purchase a new vehicle, and tire manufacturers work closely with car manufacturers to develop these. According to experts at Continental Tire, OE tires are purpose-built to bring out the unique characteristics of a vehicle and optimize performance. This is necessary because not all vehicles

Five Tire Trends for 2021

To finish out the year, let’s go through some of the trends that screamed out to the Tire Review team in 2021 and how they might affect your business in the new year.

Video: Replacing 2 Vs. 4 Tires

Tire Review’s Mary DellaValle reviews how to navigate customer questions when it comes to tire replacement, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

Tech Minute: Pothole Season Repair Checklist

It’s that time of year again – customers are hitting potholes and damaging rims and tires. How do you inspect for this? Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel discusses the areas you need to check to ensure a complete repair.

Tech Minute Andrew Markel Babcox Media
Why Shocks, Struts and Tires Wear Down

Shocks, struts and tires wear over time but why exactly? Here’s a simple explanation.

Shocks struts tires wear
Nexen MTX Tire to be Featured on FOX

Nexen Tire America’s new Roadian MTX passenger and off-road vehicle tire will be spotlighted on Fox Sports’ SEMA Show broadcast Dec. 27.

Nexen Tires first off-road tire on FOX
Double Coin Rolls Out IM105 Intermodal

Double Coin and CMA, have introduced their new IM105 Intermodal radial tire, an application-specific radial tire for intermodal container chassis providers, manufacturers and the intermodal freight industry.

Cooper Kicks Off Consumer Promo

Kicking off summer, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is offering a national consumer reward promotion—“Take the Money and Ride Summer Event.”

Video Maintenance Minute: Tires and Bushings

It’s important to service bushings properly. If the bushing is installed incorrectly, it can lead to vibration issues and failing parts.

Pirelli Supplying Tires for Formula 2

Pirelli will supply tires for FIA Formula 2 Championship, formerly know as GP2.