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Milestar Debuts Patagonia A/T Pro All-Terrain Power Line

Tireco says the Patagonia A/T Pro is a power line that will launch with 63 popular OEM and high-flotation sizes, from 15- to 22-inch wheel diameters and up to F-Load Rating depending on the size.

Milestar Patagonia AT Pro SEMA
Tireco’s Milestar Brand Adds New Warranty Program

The Milestar 30-Day Ride Guarantee and Road Hazard Protection will begin in January 2020.

SEMA 2018: Tireco Unveils Slew of New Products

Tireco, Inc., one of the nation’s largest private brand marketing and distribution companies of wheels and tires, will be unveiling new products for the upcoming season at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Tireco Milestar sema 2018
See Tireco’s Milestar Brand New Extreme All-Terrain Tire at SEMA

Milestar, a brand of tire manufacturer Tireco, has announced the all-new Patagonia X/T Xtreme all-terrain tire.

Milestar Patagonia X:T Tireco
Milestar Launches New All-Weather Tire

Tireco’s Milestar brand, a leader of high value performance tires, has launched the all-new WeatherGuard AW365 tire for passenger cars and CUVs.

Tireco’s Milestar Brand expands Patagonia Line

Tireco’s Milestar brand has announced the all-new Patagonia A/T R all-terrain tire for light trucks, SUVs and off road vehicles. The new tire is engineered to tackle aggressive off-road conditions.

Tireco at SEMA with New Booth, U.S.-Exclusive Products

Tireco, Inc., one of the nation’s largest private brand marketing and distribution companies of wheels and tires will be unveiling an all-new display booth at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Tireco Promotes Eastern Sales Director

Tireco Inc. has promoted Ron Brady to eastern regional sales director for the Tireco National Brands Division.

Milestar Sponsoring 307 Adventures

Tireco’s Milestar brand has signed a multi-year sponsorship to become The Official Tire of 307 Adventures.

Tireco Offers New Streetsteel Tire

Tireco’s Milestar brand is offering a new tire for classic American muscle cars, hot rods and trucks—the Streetsteel Performance All-Season.

Tireco Recalling Milestar Tires

Tireco Inc. is recalling certain Milestar BS623 tires that have incorrect markings on the sidewall. Milestar tires affected by the recall are in size 225/70R 19.5 G/14 and were manufactured June 23, 2013, to Jan. 24, 2015. Affected tires have incorrect markings on the sidewall that indicate both ratings as “DUAL” when the first rating

Tireco Hires Regional Sales Manager

Tireco has appointed Chad Keller as the company’s newest Midwest regional sales manager. Keller joins Tireco from TBC where he recently served as regional sales manager. Previously, he served as regional and business development manager for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.