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Noise Reduction is More Important for Tires Today

Tire engineers use a bevy of tests to strive for lower decibels and create a tire that minimizes any noise distractions.

Goodyear and Gatik Demonstrate Goodyear SightLine Technology

Goodyear and Gatik demonstrated, in a proof of concept, intelligent tires powered by Goodyear SightLine technology.

Training and Technology Will Lead the Way in OTR Tires

When we look at how OTR tires keep up with innovations in equipment, it’s all about maximizing productivity.

New ISO Ice Grip Symbol present on Nokian Tyres’ Latest Winter Tires

Nokian Tyres will produce the Hakkapeliitta 10 and R5 passenger, SUV and EV tires with a new ice grip symbol that indicates subjection to rigorous testing on icy surfaces, according to standards established by the ISO. To be eligible for the ice grip marking, Nokian says the tires’ ice performance must be verified through an

Michelin’s Enviro System Unveils Tire with 58% Sustainable Materials

Michelin says its subsidiary Scandinavian Enviro Systems is the first tire manufacturer in the world to unveil tires with a high proportion of environmentally sustainable materials that have been approved for use on ordinary road vehicles. These include tires for buses and cars containing recovered carbon black from Enviro, among other materials. According to the

What Tire Treadwear Grades Mean for Your Customer

There are quite a few numbers and letters on a tire’s sidewall. Do you know what they all mean? Let’s dig into one of the lesser talked-about sidewall markings in this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video. Many tires are rated by the U.S. Government on treadwear, traction performance and temperature resistance. It’s called

The Science Behind Ultra-High-Performance Tires

The dream of going fast began soon after the invention of gasoline-fueled vehicles in 1880. The first true race was held in 1895 from Paris to Bordeaux and back with a distance of 1,178 km (732 mi.) and average speed of 24.15 kph (15 mph). In the same year, the first 54-mile race from Chicago

Low, Medium and High-Level Factors That Influence Tire Mileage

Do you ever have trouble noticing the difference between low, medium and high heat when making dinner? I do. I mean, the directions say to start on high heat, then after ten minutes, bring to medium-high, then cover and simmer on low – what does simmer even mean? Because of these troubles, I almost never

Technological Challenges for Tires Today

According to EVAdoption, battery electric vehicles represent approximately 3.4% of new vehicle sales and are projected to reach 30-50% of new US vehicle sales by 2030. Due to the continuing trend of consumers holding onto their vehicles longer, this equates to roughly 7-10% of the total U.S. vehicles in 2030. In this Tire Review Continental

Yokohama Rubber Uses AI to Develop Rubber Compound Design

The Yokohama Rubber Company announced that it began applying a proprietary rubber compound design system that utilizes AI-based compound generation technology. Yokohama says the new system was developed with the cooperation of Hamagomu Aicom, a Yokohama Rubber subsidiary specializing in information system development. Yokohama Rubber says it expects this new system will enable it the

Education on Tire Life Improves Tire Longevity, Customer Trust

Don’t you wish everything aged like a fine wine? While that dry red gets better as the years go on, we humans are subject to old age and wrinkles and our great inventions like cars get rusted and worn out. Tires on those cars get worn out, too. Like our bodies, the more miles you

There’s Never Been a Better Time for Fuel-Efficient TBR Tire Sales

If you have commercial truck and bus customers, you know they’re struggling with market factors out of their control. They can’t find the parts they need for maintenance and repairs. Their vehicles are getting older and new inventory is few and far between. Diesel prices are through the roof, hovering around $5.50/gallon in some parts