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From the Track to the Rack

From the Track to the Rack Racing tires, like passenger car tires, are specialized for different applications and purposes. Every form of racing has its own speed, traction and handling needs that require specially designed tires. A Formula 1 car obviously needs a different type of tire than a NASCAR racer or a NHRA Top

Battling Wheel Slip

Battling Wheel Slip Wheel slippage has long been a point of concern in the tire industry, usually with high output engines and high torque applications – primarily farm equipment and commercial trucks. For the most part, these tire/wheel slip situations caused little more than brief consternation and had minimal impact on tire or vehicle performance.

Advancing Technology

Advancing Technology High tech manufacturing has made inroads in many industries, and tiremaking is no exception. Though robotics has not displaced traditional tire building techniques on a large scale, it’s use is certainly growing. Making a tire is a labor-intensive process for a variety of reasons. A tire consists of many individual components that all

Bigger, Lower, Wider, Higher

a tire that rides and handles well on the highway. The typical AT tire buyer, by comparison, does about 60% of their driving on the highway and about 40% off-road. Most of the off-road driving is recreational, like camping or driving through the backwoods. A MT tire buyer, on the other hand, is much more

Why Do Tires Fail?

Why Do Tires Fail? Tires are undoubtedly the most critical safety component on a vehicle. Where the rubber meets the road affects traction, handling, steering, stability and braking. Because of this, a sudden tire failure can have serious consequences, especially if it occurs at highway speeds in a vehicle with a high center of gravity.

Customer Pays with Cheap Stems

The consumer media has given a great deal of ink and air-time recently to the issue of tire safety and the various factors that can cause a tire to fail. But one item most of these reports have not touched upon is the valve stem Think about it. The valve stem is what keeps the

Technology Sets Pace for Growing Segments

Technology Sets Pace for Growing Segments Light trucks and SUVs continue to set new sales records, and there’s no sign that the public’s love affair with them is going to cool anytime soon.Some even estimate that by 2004, North American production of light trucks and SUVs will be 40 percent greater than it is now!People