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Fanttik Unveils X9 Tire Inflator

Fanttik’s X9 Tire Inflator is a cordless tire inflator and can fill at 17 liters per minute, reaching a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.

Fanttik tire inflator
Milwaukee Says it Has Fastest Cordless Tire Inflator Available

Milwaukee Tool has released a new 18-volt cordless tire inflator on the market, which the company says has the durability to survive demanding transportation maintenance applications. As the fastest 18-volt cordless tire inflator on the market, Milwaukee says, the tool can top off 33-in. light truck tires in under a minute and is equipped with

Video: Nitrogen Inflation

Tire Review’s Mary DellaValle explains how using nitrogen compressed air to fill customers’ tires can be beneficial, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

Nitrogen Inflation: Not Just a Bunch of Hot Air

Keeping tires at their proper inflation level longer with nitrogen fill is relatively cheap insurance, especially for customers who aren’t religious about preventive maintenance.

Maximizing OTR Tire Performance

Air in a tire is like oil in an engine. When properly maintained, both will run many long hours or miles with no issues. But, running low or over the correct amount will have a definite effect on the life of both.

Aperia Technologies Earns 2019 Acterra Business Environmental Award

Aperia Technologies has received a 2019 Business Environmental Innovation Award from Acterra, a recognition program for sustainable business practices.

Martins Industries Tests Tire Inflation Methods with ‘Inflation Challenge’

Martins Industries is putting truck mechanics who rely on traditional tire seating and inflation methods to the test with “The Inflation Challenge.”

VIDEO: Tire Over-Inflation At The Pump?

Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel discusses how over-inflation may be caused by air pumps at gas stations.

How Ag Tire Sales Are Impacted by Farm Conditions, Whatever the Weather

You can’t control Mother Nature, but observing changing weather patterns can prepare you for upcoming field conditions to better serve your agricultural customers.

Farm field conditions for agricultural tire selection
VIDEO: Adjusting Tire Inflation Pressure on the Placard For The Right Reasons

Learn more about the right and wrong reasons to change the placard inflation pressure and how to use a TPMS tool to perform the procedure.

TPMS Tire inflation pressure placard change
Hunter Releases Quick Check Compatible Inflation Station

Hunter Engineering Co. has launched a new Inflation Station that is compatible with its Quick Check system. The station may also be installed as an independent system, the company said. The Inflation Station quickly measures tire pressure and then inflates or deflates the tires according to the user-entered specifications, Hunter said. When paired with the