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Jack of All Trades Brandon Hulon Makes Mark in Tire Business

You’ll never hear our latest Club 3633 member say, “that’s not my job.”

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Tracking Seismic Shifts in the Tire Industry

Since the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020, the US economy has been under constant pressure: inflation, interest rates and gas prices have created a super-challenging marketplace. The tires ecosystem itself has faced a series of seismic jolts – the supply chain in triage, global factories shuttering and at-home workers creating a decline in

The State of M&A in the Tire Industry for 2022

Merger and acquisition activity was subject to both significant catalysts and developing headwinds in 2022. The continued retail consolidation by the major and mid-tier retail consolidators remained strong coast to coast, with strategic buyers and private-equity-backed platforms driving activity, while new private equity entrants expressed interest in obtaining a retail consolidation platform or pursuing a

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What’s Treading, Ep. 10: Tire Industry Economics & COVID-19 [Audio]

We spoke with financial advisors who study the tire industry to get their pulse on how the coronavirus will affect all parts of the industry in the weeks and months to come.

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Coronavirus & the Tire Industry: What Does the Future Hold?

For now, social distancing is our new normal. But how will our industry fare the economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak in the long run?

AAPEX Reveals More Details on 2020 Tire/Tire Accessory Section, Repair Shop HQ

The AAPEX show will expand in 2020 by adding a Repair Shop HQ. This will include a new Tire and Tire Accessory section as part of the new space, as well as building out a four-bay shop on the show floor.

Tennessee Tire Boom: A Closeup Look at this Automotive ‘Hot Bed’ and its Implications for the Tire Industry

Just as Akron, Ohio, was considered the rubber capital of the world, Tennessee is well on its way to become the automotive hub in the U.S.

In Perspective: A Look at the Winds of Change for Tire Dealers in 2019

After rolling under the radar for years, the tire industry is ripe for disruption in 2019 after an eventful 2018.

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In Perspective: Exploring the Focus of Your Future Business Model Amid Fragmentation of the Tire Industry

When you consider the three possible directions, where will your shop be five years from now? Tire Review Editor Patti Hoying shares how she sees the future of the tire industry.

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A Note from Tire Review Publisher Dean Martin: It’s Great to Be Back

Despite all the changes in the tire industry, Tire Review Publisher Dean Martin says taking the helm of the magazine “feels like home.”

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Tire Industry 2Q Report: Threat of Price Increases Impacts Volume

Manufacturers are considering base price realignments in response to higher than expected raw material costs.

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Weak Industry Demand May Continue Despite a Strong Economy

Tire industry unit demand growth has been painfully slow in a strong economy, and we fear this is a new normal.

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