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Tire Discounters Expands C-Suite

The company has hired Sheri Harper as chief people officer and Jeff Rodgers as CFO.

Tire Discounters Execs
Tire Discounters Appoints New CMO

Chris Yapp will oversee brand strategy and all marketing efforts for the company, including the launch of Protect Your Legacy, Tire Discounters’ new franchise and acquisition program.

Tire Discounters Talks Franchising & Consolidation [Audio]

As we work to cross over into a post-pandemic world, the current dynamics in today’s tire retail landscape are making it ripe for consolidation as well as franchising, according to Tire Discounters. “One of the things we hear from small business owners is that they’re worn out. They’re tired, and, quite frankly, that [the pandemic]

Whats Treading Tire Discounters
Tire Discounters Talks Franchising & Consolidation

In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, we speak with Tire Discounters about the factors that played a role in the company launching its new franchising program and the overall M&A landscape in tire retail.

Whats Treading Tire Discounters
Tire Discounters Unveils Franchising Program

Tire Discounters’ franchising program aims to help independents while also expanding its footprint nationwide.

Tire Discounters Celebrates Opening of New Cincinnati HQ

The Tire Discounters’ executive team showcased the company’s new headquarters in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, marking its growth that’s on the horizon.

Tire Discounters Opens New Ohio Store in Columbus Area

The new Westerville location is the 15th Tire Discounters store to open in the Columbus market. The company now has over 140 locations.

Tire Discounters Adds Two Georgia Stores

The two Georgia stores and commercial operation will add to the company’s roster of over 140 locations.

Dave Crawford to Lead Tire Discounters Franchise Program

Dave Crawford will lead the charge to welcome family-owned businesses to Tire Discounters.

Tire Discounters Opens New Alabama Location

The new location is located near the Blevins Gap Nature Preserve in Hampton Cove.

Tire Discounters Adds New Huntsville, Ala. Location

The new location features perks designed to make shopping with Tire Discounters easier and safer, the company says.

Tire Discounters Adds Stores in Knoxville, Indianapolis

The new locations bring the retailer to nine stores in Indianapolis and five in Knoxville.